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My Story

I am so excited for ZippyMama to be part of your motherhood Journey. Zippy Mama was founded by myself Dani Morin…Yes, that mom from TikTok. The name ZippyMama is suiting for me as I’m always on the go, zipping around town with my almost one year old Rhett. Whether we’re with our Moms group, finding fun new farmers markets and parks, or trying a new sensory activity from Pinterest. Our days are full as are our hearts are even fuller. 

It is just Rhett and myself, as I am a single mom by choice. Thats right, I chose to have a baby on my own. Crazy right? But this is not my first time as a mom. I lost my 18 month old son Deacon back in 2016; he was strangled by his Baltic Amber Teething necklace from Etsy at his childcare facility. As part of my influence on social media I am dedicated in warning parents about the dangers of Amber Teething Necklaces as well other dangerous baby products. I am a childcare Advocate for the state of California in helping make a change for a more safe, quality, and affordable childcare system. 


I found it so crazy how much the mommy world had changed since I was last pregnant in 2015. I have learned to evolve as a parent with the times. I was certain things would be just as they were with my son Deacon and then my son Rhett had other ideas… like refusing to take a bottle. Which left me exclusively Breastfeeding… I still am actually. That was not my plan. I found it difficult leaving the house knowing I would have to breastfeed in public and my son hates the cover. I know it is socially acceptable to breastfeed in public, that was not my issue, my body had changed and I was super uncomfortable and self conscious.  So there I was refusing to go places, or having to get back in my car to feed the baby behind my tinted windows--and God for bid someone tried to visit. The anxiety. I wondered if I was alone in this feeling? So I took it to social media to find out and so many moms felt the same. One mom who was an exclusive pumper, described having to wake up in the middle of the night just to strip down and put the pump on and how cold and uncomfortable she would get. I thought about myself and my fellow moms and decided we needed some postpartum basics to help us out in our in motherhood journeys .


ZippyMama is comfy, cute and convenient and when you are done breastfeeding, no need to box up your ZippyMama. Unlike other breastfeeding tops, ZippyMama looks like normal basics you would have in your closet prior to becoming a mom. I hope you guys fall in love with ZippyMama as much as I have and remember ZippyMama the next time one of your besties announces her pregnancy. I appreciate all the love and support, and don’t forget to tag me on social. IG: @TheZippyMama TT: @DaniMorin13